Real estate investing in St. Louis: Finding local partners

If you’re involved with real estate investing, then you know the reality of buying, selling, rehabbing and managing property is much different than what you see on HGTV. The unglamorous repairs and cleanup often don’t make the final cut.

Whether you are a real estate locator or buying real estate property, it’s crucial that you find local house flippers and real estate investors to partner with. If you’re a property finder, you need to find a wholesale buyer to purchase your real estate. Likewise, if you’re a wholesale buyer, it’s helpful to have a real estate locator to scout out properties to renovate.

Wren Realty has been flipping houses for 30 years. We’ve bought over 1500 St. Louis area homes. We’re always looking for local real estate investors to partner with—either those buying real estate property or selling as-is homes, duplexes and apartment buildings. When you partner with Wren Realty, here are the services we provide:

  1. Finders fee for leads.
    We love to partner with real estate locators, who scout out properties for us to renovate. If we buy the property you present, we’ll give you a finders fee for your effort. If you’d like to work with Wren as a property finder, then give us a call.
  2. Sell turnkey real estate property.
    After buying and rehabbing St. Louis real estate properties, we sell the fully renovated properties to real estate investors looking for premium real estate. These properties are ready-to-rent, so you can start leasing them out right away.
  3. Buy properties wholesale.
    Regardless of why you’re selling a property—you want to get out of the landlord business, there are too many repairs, or you need cash—we’ll buy your single-family home, duplex or multi family home as is. No repairs. No commissions. We close quickly and we always present a fair cash offer.

Wren Realty loves to work with local real estate investing companies or individuals. To partner with Wren, just give us a call and let’s chat about how we can help each other.

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