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The importance of selling your house as is to a buyer you trust.

Selling your house is a big—and often stressful—decision. You’ve probably seen more ’We Buy Houses For Cash’ signs along the highway than you can count, so you know the pitch: “You want cash, we sell fast.”

We’re different.

Yes, we buy houses in any condition. Yes, we close fast. Yes, we pay cash. But we’re people first, house flippers second. We understand selling your home is a stressful time for you—what sets us apart is that we truly care about your best interests. We’ll shoot it to you straight and we’ll take care of you throughout the whole selling process. If the house has sentimental value, we’ll even take care to make sure the things you leave in the house end up in good hands by distributing them to our charity partners.

And after helping more than 1,500 St. Louis homeowners in our 30 years in the business we know what we’re doing, so you know you’re dealing with a reputable buyer. Plus, we’ve been members of the BBB for each of those years—we even have an A+ rating. If we sound like a different sell-as-is buyer, it’s because we are. We like to think we’re hope when you need it most.

If you’re trying to figure out how to sell your house, selling as is might be a good option if you fall into one of two categories. The first category consists of people who have experienced big life events ranging from inheriting a house to downsizing to retiring and moving to an assisted living facility. The second category are people who have significant home damage—it could be water damage, termites, foundation issues or a whole host of other problems—to the point that repair costs seem insurmountable.

Regardless of your particular situation, you have many options when it comes to selling your house as is, but here’s why you need to work with a buyer you can trust:

You get paid quickly and you get paid a fair price.

We’re not trying to nickel and dime anyone. We’re just trying to find houses to fix and give homeowners a fair price for their property. You paid quickly—and in full—at the time of closing. With the traditional model of selling your home, it could be on the market for months—or even years—before you see a dime. We usually close within two weeks. Whether you’re downsizing your home or moving into a retirement community, you get the cash for your home fast. And, since we don’t charge commission, the entire remaining balance is yours.

You leave the worrying to us.

You have enough to worry about—leave the cleaning, repairs and inspections associated with selling your house to us.

No playing “fixer-upper.”

Hiring a professional to perform the necessary repairs can get pricey and, if you don’t know what you’re doing, doing it yourself can be close to impossible. You’re not a painter. Or a plumber. Or a foundation expert. You can save yourself the time and stress by selling your home to us as is.

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