Quick house sales: How to close within 2 weeks

I need to sell my house quickly. Where do I turn?

We understand: You need to sell quick. You’re trying to avoid foreclosure and you need to salvage your credit. You can no longer afford your mortgage and need a quick house sale to cut your losses. You’ve inherited a loved one’s home and all the neglected repairs. Or you just want to cash out quickly without the hassle of inspections and closing fees.

Whatever reason you might have for needing a quick house sale, then selling your home wholesale to a trustworthy cash buyer is your best bet for avoiding the impossibly long timetables and unexpected costs of traditional real estate closings. We usually close within two weeks, but if you have extenuating circumstances, we can work with you to make the process as quick as possible so you can save your credit score and leave the stress behind.

Since we’ll take care of all the repairs, you can leave your house as is—no matter how severe the damage. For a step-by-step guide to our wholesale selling process, click here.

You’ll get cash quickly. In full. In cash. At the time of closing. With the traditional model of selling your home, your home could be on the market for months—or even years—before you see a dime. We usually close within two weeks. Whether you’re trying to avoid foreclosure or just trying to sell quickly, you get your cash fast. And, since we don’t charge commission, the entire remaining balance is yours.

We’re not your average fast-and-quick wholesale home buyer. We’re people first, house flippers second—one of our guiding principles is that we always speak the truth. We’ll guide you through this stressful time, offer you a fair price and let you get on with your life.

Give us a call and let’s see how quickly we can close your house.

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