Beautiful renovated rental properties in the St. Louis area

Throughout our 30 years of buying and rehabbing houses, duplexes, and multi-family homes, we’ve accumulated a wide variety of beautifully renovated rental properties throughout the greater St. Louis area.

Whether you’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment in south city or you want to rent a home in north county, we have a whole host of rental listings for you to choose from. We go above and beyond for each of our renters, which is why we have so many St. Louis residents singing our praises.

Here’s why you should consider looking at rental real estate from Wren Realty:

Competitive pricing.

All our rental listings are priced fairly for their location and size. And, because we specialize in renovating homes, you know our rental properties will be in great condition.

Excellent landlord service.

You want a rental real estate landlord who charges a fair price for rental properties and fixes anything that needs to be repaired within a reasonable time frame. We provide superior landlord service and reliable property maintenance with only highly reputable maintenance subcontractors. You can count on us answering your calls and our rental properties staying in tip-top shape throughout your lease.

Rent to own.

We offer rent-to-own programs if you decide you want to buy one of our rental properties. We will agree on a fair purchase price, hep you get in touch with a local great lender, offer rent credits towards the purchase and assist you with closing costs for any of our rental listings.

Pets, deposits and applications.

Have a couple furry friends you’d like to live with? No problem. We allow up to two pets for a low pet deposit. Speaking of deposits, the security deposit is equal to one month’s rent for the rental real estate. If you’re interested in any of our rental listings, feel free to fill out our short application. The small application fee covers the background and credit check.

If you’re interested in renting from a trustworthy St. Louis landlord, contact us today.

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