Sell your multi family property free of hassle

Selling multi family homes isn’t as simple as selling your run-of-the-mill retail-ready single family home. Especially if the multi family property you’re looking to sell needs major repairs.

Wren Realty will purchase your multi family property as is—vacant or occupied. We will handle all tenant issues and lease transfers, even if your property is a large apartment building with scores of tenants. You won’t have to make any repairs or deal with the hassle of inspections.

On the other hand, the traditional selling process from listing to closing is long, convoluted and difficult even for multi family units in perfect condition. Anyone who might want to purchase your multi family property will want to do a cost/benefit analysis of how much it costs to run each month versus how much they can expect to receive in rent. As such, you will need to supply figures about leasing, utilities and income in order for them to make an informed decision. This will take a lot of preparation and communication between you, your lawyer, your realtor and the financial institution that holds your mortgage.

Then you’ll have to make the repairs necessary for your multi family property to be marketable and sell quickly. You’ll have to talk to your lawyer about lease transfers and tenant evictions or buyouts.

And, once all of that is over, you still aren’t done. Then you have to market your property and negotiate offers and financing. And then there are inspections. And closing.

Bottom line—a lot goes into selling a multi family home.

If the idea of going through the traditional process of selling your multi family property seems like too much, or you don’t know how your building would pass inspections without significant repairs, then selling as is to Wren Realty might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

We’ve been buying doing this—buying properties as is for fair cash offers—for 30 years now. And, because we’re local, we’re not only able to pay you a higher price than other cash buyers, we have the best interests of the St. Louis community in mind.

So, if you’d like to forego the confusion and hassle of the traditional selling process and sell your multi family property to a trustworthy cash buyer, give us a call.