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The wholesale home selling process: How it works

There’s no getting around it: the steps to selling a house are long and complicated no matter how immaculate your home is. And, if your home has fallen into disrepair – whether you need to update a kitchen or bathroom or complete major repairs – trying to go through the traditional steps to selling a house can seem impossible.

In the traditional home sale process, you have to:

  • Price your home
  • Hire a real estate agent
  • Make the necessary repairs to get up to code and pass inspections (this is the big, time consuming one!)

After you pay for repairs, which can be tens of thousands of dollars, then you list and market your home, host open houses, and negotiate offers. Then there are the contracts, escrow accounts, and other last-minute expenses that can pop up.

If your home requires a laundry list of repairs to pass inspections, then you might be losing money as opposed to just selling your house as is.

But how does selling my house as is work?

If you don’t want to fix up and sell your own house, then selling it as is can be your best option. There are a lot of companies that buy houses for cash out there that you want to avoid.

We consider ourselves members of the community first and house flippers second. We’re going to lay out how the process works so you can rest assured we’ll offer you a fair deal and take your worries away.

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Avoid the trouble and costs of home inspections

When selling your house to a traditional buyer, one of the first steps after signing the contract is set up an appointment with a professional inspector. Although the buyer fronts this cost, you’ll have to complete the buyer requests – that is, if you don’t want them to renegotiate the sale price to be lower or pull out of the sale altogether.

You’ll also have to find a contractor to take care of both the lender and municipality prediction lists before the sale. All of this can get expensive quickly.

Home inspections and these lists are a headache even if your home is in retail-ready condition. If you have significant repairs such as foundation cracks or termites, it can be almost impossible to get through home inspection successfully.

In this case, selling your home as is might be your best bet to save yourself the hassle and stress of home inspections.

We’ve been giving fair cash offers for 30 years

Not all companies that buy houses for cash are created equal. You know the pitch: “You need to sell quickly, we can pay you cash.”

Well, let us pitch you something different: we’ll pay you a fair cash offer for your home based on the location and the condition of the property. Our cash offer process is to evaluate all similar houses in your area and present you an offer based on that.

Our goal is to offer you a price that we believe is fair to you while leaving enough room for us to fix it up and make a modest profit when it’s resold.

We’re not going to nickel-and-dime or bamboozle you into accepting a lowball offer. We’ll shoot it to you straight and give you a fair cash offer for your home that you can accept – or decline – at your own pace.

If your home is in good enough condition to sell easily on the traditional market, we’ll let you know. While we’re always interested in St. Louis area homes of any condition and we’ll still make an offer, we sincerely want you to do whatever is best for you and your situation.

And maybe that’s taking our offer and getting out of your home quickly. Either way, we’ll talk you through it.

How to close within two weeks

I need to sell my house quickly. Where do I turn?

We understand you need to sell quick. You’re trying to avoid foreclosure, and you need to salvage your credit. You can no longer afford your mortgage and need a quick house sale to cut your losses.

You’ve inherited a love one’s home and all the neglected repairs. Or you just want to cash out quickly without the hassle of inspections and closing fees.

Whatever reason you might have for needing a quick house sale, then selling your home wholesale to a trustworthy cash buyer is your best bet for avoiding the impossibly long timetables and unexpected costs of traditional real estate closings.

We usually close within two weeks, but if you have extenuating circumstances, we can work with you to make the process as quick as possible so you can leave the stress behind.

Since we’ll take care of the repairs, you can leave your house as is – no matter how severe the damage.

You’ll get cash quickly. In full.

At the time of closing.

With the traditional model of selling your home, your home could be on the market for months – or even years – before you see a dime. Usually, within two weeks, you will close and get your cash fast. And, since we don’t charge commission, the entire remaining balance is yours.

Avoid realtor fees and closing costs when selling your home

Imagine for a moment that you could sell your home while incurring no closing costs, no commissions, and no realtor fees.

Well, it could be a reality.

At Wren, we don’t charge any fees or commission if you sell your home to us as is. And since we aren’t a traditional buyer, you don’t need to worry about traditional closing costs.

In the traditional model of selling your home, it’s nearly impossible to avoid realtor fees, commissions, and closing costs – and a whole host of unexpected costs.

First, there’s the cost of repairs, which can easily cut into any profit you hope to make.

There are also escrow fees, inspection fees, commissions, staging fees, transfer taxes, credits to the buyer, and scores of other unexpected fees and costs.

Our closing process is simple – and comes with no outrageous, unexpected fees.

When we close, you’ll get your money. There will be a few documents, like the closing statement, that you need to sign. The title company will start with our offer, subtract anything owed on the property, and issue a check in your name for the entire remaining balance.

30 years of buying houses as is

We’ve done this for 30 years, and we’re really good at what we do – we’ve worked with the same inside contractors for years and know how to turn a profit. Plus, we’ve been proud members of the BBB for all three decades we’ve been in business.

More than that though, we’re a local St. Louis couple who enjoys fixing up houses. And we’re really good at what we do. We’ll shoot it to you straight and make a fair cash offer that you can accept – or decline – at your own pace. We’ve helped over 1,500 St. Louis homebuyers, and we’d be happy to talk to you about your home selling options.

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