The wholesale home selling process: How it works

There’s no getting around it: the steps to selling a house are long and complicated no matter how immaculate your home is. And, if your home has fallen into disrepair—whether you need to update a kitchen or bathroom or major repairs—trying to go through the traditional steps to selling a house can seem impossible.

In the traditional home sale process, you have to price your home, hire a real estate agent and make the repairs necessary to get up to code and pass inspections—this is the big, time consuming one. Only once you pay for the repairs, which can be tens of thousands of dollars, can you list and market your home, host open houses and negotiate offers. Then there are contracts and escrow accounts and other last-minute expenses that can pop up.

It’s a lot. And, if your home requires a laundry list of repairs to pass inspections, then you might be losing money as opposed to just selling your house as is. If this sounds like your home, then consider this alternative home selling process:

1. Give us a call.

We’ll a schedule a free 30-minute consultation. At your convenience, we’ll look at your property.

2. Receive our offer.

We won’t give you a hard sell. We won’t nag you. We won’t nickel-and-dime you. Just a fair, cash offer. Take it or leave it. If you walk away, then it will be at no loss to you.

3. Close.

Usually within two weeks. Yes, two weeks. And, if you need us to close more quickly, let us know your timeline. We’ll work to meet your needs.

4. Walk away with your cash.

It’s that simple. No repairs, inspections or hassle.

But, you ask, Why can’t I just fix up and sell my own house? Well, you can, if there isn’t much work or you know how to do most of it yourself. Most people we talk to aren’t in that position. They have to hire outside contractors to do the work which can be a nightmare both logistically and financially. Bottom line: if you don’t know what you’re doing, it will cost more in fix up costs, commissions, holding costs, etc., to sell at a retail price than to simply sell as is to a trustworthy cash buyer.

And we’ve done this for 30 years and we’re really good at what we do—we’ve worked with the same inside contractors for years and know how to turn a profit. Plus we’ve been proud members of the BBB for all 30 years we’ve been in business. We even have an A+ rating. More than that, though, we’re people first, house flippers second. We’ll make you a fair offer and help you past closing with logistic details you may need.

So, why don’t you start the home sale process today and give us a call?

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