8 Common Concerns When Selling A Home As-Is (And Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed)

8 Common Concerns When Selling A Home As-Is (And Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed)

According to research done over the years, a large percentage of homeowners admit that they are ashamed to open their home to friends, family and even to people who they’ve never met. It’s not uncommon for these people to pretend to be gone when someone comes to their door and to meet people out rather than allowing them into their home. Overall mess, smells and areas of the house that are out of date and in disrepair top the list of items that cause the greatest amount of concern.

Selling a house in bad condition?
We’ve seen it all.

As buyers of as-is homes, we have met with thousands of sellers and their families over the years. During that time, there are 8 most common concerns that they have shared with us time and time again.

  1. General Mess including too much clutter or trash and/or major cleaning required
  2. Unpleasant smells, especially from pets, cigarettes and water damage
  3. Dated or run-down carpets and rooms throughout the house especially the kitchen and baths
  4. Cracks in walls and ceiling
  5. Faded or peeling paint
  6. Overgrown yard and structures like garage or fences falling down
  7. Mold
  8. Damage due water leaks, pets, etc.

Unfortunately, almost all of these problems cost lots of money and time to fix. Left uncorrected, they usually become worse as time goes by until addressing them is utterly overwhelming.  To make matters worse, most homeowners have no idea who to call or where to begin. Just calling a company out of the Yellow Pages or finding someone online is often cost prohibitive and it’s so very difficult to know who can be trusted to actually complete the job as promised. At Wren Realty, we have encountered this situation countless times not only with homeowners but, actually even more frequently, with those who are selling a home that belongs to someone else like an elderly relative.

Here’s a video of Rob Wren with Wren Realty walking through a recent home that he purchased as-is. This house was indeed messy but after buying over 1500 houses in 30+ years, as he said “it wasn’t even in his top 100 list”.

Click here for more before pictures of houses that we’ve purchased!

These challenges make selling a home through traditional channels, such as using a real estate agent to list on the retail market, virtually impossible. The necessary repairs are usually expensive and, even if you have the cash to spare, there is no guarantee that you will be able to make the money back when it comes time to sell. For these reasons, selling to an investor is a much better option.

Rest assured that when you call us, we understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed when you find yourself in this situation.  Our specialty is to look past the current problems with the house and see it made new again. If you are thinking of selling your home as-is contact us today to get a cash offer or call 314-721-1199.

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