Guide – Relocating and Need to Sell My House

How to sell your home quickly when relocating out of state

“I need to sell my house … but I’m moving out of state.” We’ve heard this concern a lot in our 30 years as realtors. Moving out of state is already difficult because everything you took for granted—your children’s school, your doctors, having the number for the closest Chinese delivery joint memorized—is ripped out from under your feet. Add selling your house at the same time as you’re buying one into the mix and figuring out how to relocate out of state can seem downright impossible.

So, while you’re trying to figure out where your kids will go to school and which Chinese restaurant is best, we’ll take care of the difficulty of helping you sell your house. This step-by-step guide for selling your house when you’re moving out of state answers all the questions you have about buying and selling at the same time, like:

How best to finance the purchase of your new home while selling your old one.

The general rule of thumb is that you should always sell your home first. While there might be some circumstances in which it might be beneficial to buy first, most homeowners can’t get approved for a new loan until they’ve closed a deal on their old home.

You can always add a contingency clause in your sales contract wherein ownership of your home doesn’t transfer hands until you close a deal on your new home. This is a good option for homeowners who are relocating, as it gives them time to search for their perfect new home. Plus, you and your family will be guaranteed a place to stay in the interim without having to arrange for temporary accommodations, such as an apartment or hotel room.

The costs and benefits of selling your house on the retail and wholesale markets.

In the traditional home sale process, you have to price your home, hire a real estate agent and make the repairs necessary to get up to code and pass inspections. Even when you’re not trying to relocate, this is a long, arduous and complicated process. When you’re also trying to coordinate a long distance move, it can be almost impossible.

Only once you pay for the repairs, which can be tens of thousands of dollars, can you list and market your home, host open houses and negotiate offers. Then there are contracts and escrow accounts and other last-minute expenses that can pop up.

If you need to be moved out by a certain date for a job, the retail model—and everything that goes with it—can really put a dent in your schedule. And, if your home requires a laundry list of repairs to pass inspections, then you might be losing money as opposed to just selling your house as is. If this sounds like your home, then consider this alternative home selling process:

  1. Give us a call.
    We’ll a schedule a free 30-minute consultation. At your convenience, we’ll look at your property. If you’re out of town, all you have to do is have someone get a key to us and schedule a time for us to view your property.
  2. Receive our offer.
    We won’t give you a hard sell. We won’t nag you. We won’t nickel-and-dime you. Just a fair, cash offer. Take it or leave it. If you walk away, then it will be at no loss to you.
  3. Close.
    Usually within two weeks. Yes, two weeks. And, if you need us to close more quickly, let us know your timeline. We’ll work to meet your needs.
  4. Walk away with your cash.
    It’s that simple. No repairs, inspections or hassle.

Bottom line: selling your home wholesale to a trustworthy cash buyer saves you time, stress and hassle. You’ll walk away with a fair cash offer—higher than any of our non-local competitors can offer—that you can use toward the purchase of your new home. Plus, we close quickly, so you can get on with your big move.

How to close your home quickly so you can move on with your life.

We understand: You need to sell quick. You need to move to your new location by a certain date for your new job. Selling your home wholesale to a trustworthy cash buyer is your best bet for avoiding the impossibly long timetables and unexpected costs of traditional real estate closings. We usually close within two weeks, but if you have extenuating circumstances, we can work with you to make the process as quick as possible so you can get on with the relocation process. Since we’ll take care of all the repairs, you can leave your house as is. All you’ll have to do is prepare whatever you’d like to take with you for the move. You can leave anything you don’t want behind and we’ll donate it to our local charity partners.

Most importantly to you, you’ll get cash quickly. In full. In cash. At the time of closing. With the traditional model of selling your home, your home could be on the market for months—or even years—before you see a dime. If you’re relocating, you don’t have that kind of time.

We usually close within two weeks. And, since we don’t charge commission, the entire remaining balance is yours to use toward the down payment for your new home. Or whatever else you’d like to use it for. Plus, if you need to stay in your old home while you search for a new one, that’s fine. We can delay closing as long as it takes for you to close on a new house.

When you’re trying to navigate how to relocate out of state, you don’t have the luxury of waiting the months—or years—that it can take to sell a house on the retail market. You’re trying to find the money to mortgage your new home while you search for a new job. Selling your home as is to a wholesale buyer is a time-saving option that you should consider. A trustworthy wholesale cash buyer will present you with a fair cash offer that might just be the windfall of money you need to finance your new home. And they can close in two weeks or less.

Wren Realty has been buying houses in the greater St. Louis area for 30 years. We take each of our client’s needs seriously, which is why so many of our past clients have nothing but good things to say about us. We’re not your average fast-and-quick wholesale home buyer. We’re people first, house flippers second—one of our guiding principles is that we always speak the truth. We’ll guide you through this stressful time, offer you a fair price and let you get on with your life.

So, if you’re relocating soon, give us a call and let’s see how quickly we can help you close.

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