What to do with belongings left inside the property?

What do I do with everything currently inside the property?

Just the thought of cleaning your house to sell can be daunting, regardless of whether you’ve inherited a hoarder home or cleaning out an elderly parent’s house before retirement.

If you’re going to sell your house for retail price, you’ll need to clean your house of its current furniture and knick-knacks prior to selling. Estate cleanout prices can be expensive, and sometimes you just want to leave things behind.

Whatever your situation, we’ll try and help in any way we can. Here are some of the services we provide with cleaning your house to sell:

  1. We’ll help you find movers.

We close very quickly. Usually within two weeks. Up until the time you sign the sales contract, you might not have even thought about calling a mover. Whether you want to move your belongings to your new home or put it in storage, we’ll help you out.

Because we’re a local company, we’re able to help you coordinate moving your stuff out. We have a list of trusted partners that you can choose from.

  1. We’ll direct you toward reputable estate sale companies.

If the contents left inside the home are valuable, you might consider hosting an estate sale in order to liquidate the value of your belongings.

When you’re choosing an estate sale company, it’s important to do your research in case one company charges a greater percentage of the profit than other. We can help! We have a list of several St. Louis estate companies that we’ve worked with in the past.

  1. Junk removal and home cleanout services

Cleaning out the house yourself is intimidating. Fortunately, there are local junk removal and home cleanout services that will do this for you.

At Wren Realty, we have a list of reputable junk removal companies in St. Louis and we’ve worked with them for years. We can vouch that they are professional, quick, and affordable.

  1. We’ll just take your house as is!

You don’t have to clean a thing – not unless there are things you’d like to keep. We’ll make an offer on your house as is. Sometimes, especially if you’ve inherited a home, you don’t want to keep everything and don’t want to deal with estate cleanout prices. Perhaps you want to keep just a few things that hold sentimental value, and you want to leave the rest. That’s fine. We’ll take care of the rest.

  1. We’ll donate any leftover items to those in need.

We have a variety of ways we give back, one of which is donating any furniture or clothes to our charity partners. So, if you choose to leave nice furniture or clothing behind, you will know it is going to someone who needs it.

If you sell your home to Wren Realty as is, you can sell or take whatever you’d like to keep and leave the rest for us to deal with at no cost to you. And, if you need recommendations on reputable junk removal companies, estate sale companies, or home cleanout services, we can put you in touch with our partners.

Whatever your situation, give us a call and let’s chat about how we can help you.

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