Duke Homes vs. Wren Realty

Choosing the right wholesale buyer is something you should take seriously. You want to choose a company that will pay make a fair cash offer, take your home in any condition and close quickly. More than that, though, you need a company that you can trust and one that will take care of you beyond closing.

Comparison Question Wren Realty, Inc. Duke Homes
Local Company? Yes. We’re just a St. Louis couple who’s been buying, rehabbing and selling houses for 30 years. We have built lasting relationships with St. Louis contractors, movers and estate auction companies. Whatever your specific needs, we will be able to help. Yes. Duke Homes is a local realty company that buys houses as is.*
Are you accredited by the Better Business Bureau? Yes. We’ve been a proud member of the BBB for all 30 years we’ve been in business. We even have an A+ rating. No.**
Offer help after closing? Yes. We think of ourselves as people first, house flippers second. We’ve been known to help clients locate reputable movers or find quality retirement homes after closing. We go above and beyond for each of our clients, and it’s why our clients continually sing our praises. We help our clients as much as we can through closing.
Give back to the community? Yes. We have three ways of giving back to the St. Louis community: donating furniture and clothes clients leave behind, donating our time to local charities and giving gifts to Heifer International in each clients’ name at the time of resale. Yes. We recycle our materials, giving them to those in need.
Closing Costs? You don’t have to pay any closing costs or commission. The cash you get at closing is yours! You don’t have to pay any closing costs.
Quick Closings? Yes. We always close quickly, and usually within 2 weeks. We can always close more quickly if you are up against foreclosure. Yes. We can close within a couple weeks.
Do you pay cash for homes? Yes. Since we’re local, we’re often able to make a higher cash offer than our competitors. Yes, we pay cash for homes.
Do you buy houses in any condition? Yes. We will buy a house in any condition even if it needs any number of major repairsfoundation problems, water damage, or termites. When you sell it to us as is, we’ll deal with the repairs and the paperwork and you walk away with cash. Yes. You don’t need to make any repairs or improvements.

If selling your home as is to a trustworthy local buyer seems like the right choice for you, then give us a call. Rob Wren or I (Laurie Wren) would love to hear from you! Let’s chat and see how Wren Realty can help you!

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*All information about Duke Homes was taken from their website.
**No listing was found for Duke Homes in the BBB directory online.