Wren Realty: Responsible community members in St. Louis and the world

I’m Rob Wren. Along with my wife, Laurie, I’ve been buying and rehabbing houses in the St. Louis community for 30 years, long before HGTV made house flipping “cool.” We’re very good at what we do—taking the stress out of the home selling process—but we like to think of ourselves as St. Louis community members first and house flippers second.

We believe in being good neighbors and giving back to the St. Louis—and worldwide—community in formal and informal ways. Informally, we’ve been known to help our clients even after closing, like when we helped an elderly woman find a retirement home that fit her needs after purchasing her house as is or in dozens of other instances.

Formally, we have three main ways of helping our community:

1. Donating furniture

We buy houses in any condition. While some of our clients clear their whole house of furniture before selling, many want to leave all their furniture behind. Any appliances, vanities, cabinets or clothing are either donated to those in need or posted for free on Craigslist.

2. House-flipping 9 to 5, volunteering 5 to 9.

Yes, on weekdays we’re house flippers. But in our free time, you can often find us at the Circle of Concern in Valley Park, MO. We’ve been volunteering for years, and work in their food pantry and for some of their children’s programs that provide school supplies and summer camp scholarships to children in need. We also love to participate in their holiday programs where we donate Thanksgiving baskets and adopt families for Christmas.

3. Making charitable gifts in the name of every homeowner who sells to us.

Every time we purchase a house, we donate to Heifer International, a charitable organization that aims to end poverty worldwide. If you donate to Heifer, they will provide livestock to a family in need. Based on the “teach a man to fish” principle, this helps impoverished communities worldwide dramatically increase the amount of available food one cow or sheep at a time.

We have a policy where every time we sell a rehab, we make a donation to Heifer in the name of the person who sold to us. For example, two women sold us a house on The Hill to move to a senior apartment. After we sold their house, we donated a sheep and a pig to Heifer. After the donation has been made, we notify our clients of the gift we have made in their name via letter.

We love the St. Louis community, and try to give back every chance we get. To learn more about Wren or to sell your home, feel free to give us a call.

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