Avoiding realtor fees and closing costs when selling your home

Imagine for a moment that you could sell your home while incurring no closing costs, no commissions and no realtor fees. Well, it could be a reality. At Wren, we don’t charge any fees or commission if you sell your home to us as is. And since we aren’t a traditional buyer, you don’t need to worry about traditional closing costs.

In the traditional model of selling your home, it’s nearly impossible to avoid realtor fees, commissions and closing costs—and a whole host of unexpected costs. First, there’s the cost of repairs, which can easily cut into any profit you hope to make. There are also escrow fees, inspection fees, commissions, staging fees, transfer taxes, credits to the buyer and scores of other unexpected fees and costs.

Our closing process is simple—and comes with no outrageous, unexpected fees. When we close, you’ll get your money. There will be a few documents, like the closing statement, that you’ll need to sign. The title company will start with our offer, subtract anything owed on the property and issue a check in your name for the entire remaining balance. For our step-by-step guide to how our wholesale home buying process works, click here.

If you’re nervous selling to a cash buyer, you should know we’re not like other quick-and-dirty ‘We Buy Homes For Cash’ companies. We’re just a local St. Louis couple that enjoys fixing up houses. And we’re really good at what we do. We’ll shoot it to you straight and make a fair cash offer that you can accept—or decline—at your own pace. We’ve helped over 1,500 St. Louis homebuyers avoid realtor fees and closing costs.

Give us a call today if you’d like to sell your home for no closing costs and no realtor fees.

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