Wren Realty: A different kind of cash buyer for homes

Not all companies that buy houses for cash are created equal. You know the pitch: ’You need to sell quickly, we can pay you cash.’ Well, let us pitch you something different: we’ll pay you a fair cash offer for your home based on the location and the condition of the property. Our cash offer on house process is to evaluate all similar houses in your area and present you an offer based on that. Our goal is to present you with a price that we believe is fair to you while leaving enough room for us to fix it up and make a modest profit when it’s resold.

Wren Realty isn’t your typical quick-and-dirty ’We Buy Houses for Cash’ investor. We’re just a local St. Louis couple who loves fixing up old houses and happens to be really good at it because we’ve been doing this for 30 years. We’re not going to nickel-and-dime or bamboozle you into accepting a lowball offer. We’ll shoot it to you straight and give you a fair cash offer for your home that you can accept—or decline—at your own pace. For our step-by-step guide of the cash offer on house process, click here.

But wait, you say. Couldn’t I list my home for money by selling it to a retail buyer? Yes, absolutely. But consider this: You’ll have to go through the necessary repairs to make your home look attractive to potential buyers and pass code inspections. There are very small margins to be made on home repair, and that’s only if you know what you’re doing. Depending on the state of your home and your level of experience with home repairs, it could very easily cost you more in fix up costs, commissions and holding costs than to just sell your house as is.

If your home is in good enough condition to sell relatively easily on the traditional market, we’ll let you know. While we’re always interested in St. Louis area homes of any condition and we’ll still make an offer, we sincerely want you to do whatever is best for you and your situation. And maybe that’s taking our offer and getting out of your home quickly. Either way, we’ll talk you through it.

Give us a call and let’s see how quickly we can get a fair cash offer in front of you.

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